Factory Intelligent Manufacturing

Factory Intelligent Manufacturing

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Process Introduction

Process Introduction

  A complete set of imported Fortune 500 intelligent production lines from the world's top 500 companies, using Japan's Mitsubishi full servo PLC control system, the world's top 3D online embossing technology and patented organ online groove super absorbent composite absorbent paper, to meet the market's demand for lighter, thinner and more comfortable products. Require.
  The output of this production line is stable at 600 pieces/min. It is equipped with a well-known Japanese visual inspection system (Keyence brand), and the image capture accuracy reaches 2mm, which is ahead of the technical parameters of 5mm in the same industry, and the detection speed reaches 1500 pieces/min. The Nordson hot melt adhesive dispensing system from the world's top 500 (imported from the United States) can spray glue at a speed of 1500 pieces/min, much higher than 350 pieces/min of domestic equipment; Germany (Optima) automatic packaging equipment production line , Fully intelligent non-contact packaging, the efficiency is as high as 40 packs/minute, which makes the overall production efficiency of Elarsen even more powerful.

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