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Global Strategy

Global Strategy

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  The company originated from Australia Ailasen Personal Care Co., Ltd., referred to as: AAPC
  Ailasen is a global scientific and technological innovation-based health care products company. From the era of manual manufacturing to the use of cloud technology and unmanned technology, the group develops and produces sustainable personal care products throughout the whole process to meet human yearning for a better life care needs.
  Ailasen has passed the international quality, environment, health and safety, and energy management system standard certification, and has applied for a green factory. Ailasen is a medical-level demonstration unit of disposable hygiene products. Its products are sold well in many countries around the world. It owns many well-known brands, including baby care brands "Ailasen" and "Cool Anqi"; women's care brand "Qiaofei" ” and other international regional brands. As a well-known paper product manufacturer in Australia, Ailasen attaches great importance to the sustainable and green development of human nature, and regards itself as a part of the natural process of the earth.
  Ailasen manufactures and operates baby, feminine and adult care products and tissue products in China. The production base is located in Tengzhou, China, and is committed to improving public health standards and the daily quality of life of Chinese consumers by providing products that are innovative, high-quality, environmentally friendly, socially and economically sustainable, and coexist with nature.
  Our products can improve the quality of life for you and your baby, because we adhere to the principle of safety of nursing products, the production workshop is a 300,000-level pharmaceutical industry clean workshop, and the inspection center is a 10,000-level pharmaceutical industry clean laboratory, equipped with advanced Intelligent production system, 5G networked distributed production facilities, perfect QC inspection and inspection system, raw materials are strictly controlled by new technologies such as ultraviolet secondary sterilization and sterilization. products are part of the global lifecycle.
  Ailasen - born for love, live up to what you love!


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