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I. Requirements for investment promotion agents (all over the country)
1. I agree with our business philosophy.
2. Have good business reputation and financial strength.
3. Have good terminal sales outlets and sales channels in the region.
4. A certain business team has the ability to cover the maternal and child channels and special medical channels in the region and provide distribution services for them.
5. Have strong market operation awareness, investment awareness and cooperation awareness. 
II. Market Protection
1. Unified market price: establish a national unified price system and fully protect the rights and interests of dealers
2. Regional exclusive agency: establish a regional exclusive agency system and create a harmonious business partnership. 
III. Market operation and support
1. Assist in formulating specific marketing strategies according to the regional market
2. According to the specific situation, the company will provide necessary market support
3. According to market demand, dispatched regional sales staff to follow up the whole process to ensure the smooth sales of products.
4. According to market conditions, the company will provide full-time or part-time business representatives and terminal shopping guide support 
5. Training: The company's sales elites, development experts, and professional nutritionists provide customers with relevant professional knowledge training including: sales, product knowledge, and after-sales service.
6. Terminal propaganda support: Provide national propaganda films, product elements, terminal propaganda materials, four-corner sheds, promotional stands, pile heads, posters, diversified promotional items, etc.
7. Large-scale event support: According to market development needs, support event planning, material support, personnel support, and media publicity support for dealers. 
IV. Company and product advantages
1. Personalized style design, high-grade, outstanding display effect.
2. Complete product series to meet different needs of people.
3. Cooperate with well-known raw material suppliers around the world to ensure product quality.
4. High-quality, medical-grade factories, medical-grade products.
5. Class 300,000 pharmaceutical industry clean workshop---production workshop 
6. Class 100,000 pharmaceutical industry clean studio---experimental studio 
7. Class 10,000 clean laboratory for pharmaceutical industry---microbiological laboratory
8. ISO9001: International Quality Management System Certification 
9. ISO14001: International Environmental Management System Certification 
10. ISO45001: International Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification 
11. ISO50001: Energy Management System Certification 
12. Swiss SGS product certification
13. Medical-grade factory certification
14. The packaging is fine and tight, with advanced anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system codes

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